How many tbsp lye = 1 oz?

How many tbsp lye = 1 oz? heaping or flat?


Lye should never be measured by dry measures. Unfortunately it is far to inaccurate and could easily result in lye heavy soap.

Remember that lye is a caustic substance and accuracy is a must. Weighing in grams is the most accurate way to measure lye and is the method that I recommend.

For small batch soap making you can get an inexpensive digital scale from most department stores. They start at around $20 or so.


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Measuring Lye
by: Cathy

It is very dangerous to try to use tablespoons to measure lye. It is best to wait until you can get a scale before making soap. I do not recommend using tablespoons.

by: Anonymous

If happen that is lmpossible for me to get a scale, so how many table spoons makes one ounce

Go to baking conversion table
by: Yeshimabett

I agree with the answer to accurately weigh in grams. I have found that it is the most accurate unit of measuring.Anyway take the stated amount of tbs and see how much that measures in grams. I regularly visit the global conversion table from oz to grams. One day I wanted to know the equivalent of a number for baking on my oven converted to degrees Celsius. There popped up a general table, with a wide amount of conversions, including tbsp to grams, to oz, to lbs etc. I booked-marked the page.


Just remember that even though the converstion table will have that option, it will be based on one specific ingredient like water for instance.

A tablespoon of feathers will not weigh the same as a tablespoon of sand. Every ingredient will have a different weight by volume and this is what makes measuring by volume so inaccurate and dangerous for soap making.


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