How do you keep the fragrance

by Anonymous

I make cpop soap. So far I love this method, having made dozens of batches that have turned out very nice. My only problem is keeping the scent. I have a feeling I may be adding it at the wrong time, thinking I should be adding it after processing in oven instead of at trace. Also, I may not be using enough eo for the batch. Any help will be appreciated.


The scent is added at a thin trace before the oven processing as you have done. Be careful that the temperature of the oven isn't too hot or you may cook out the scent. Essential oils and fragrance oils are quite volatile and high heat can cause them to evaporate. Try to use ones that have a high flash point since these may be able to withstand the heat better. Some suppliers list the flash point of their oils since the flash point will effect shipping choices.

Essential and fragrance oils are used at amounts of 3% - 5% of the weight in base oils. Some oils are stronger than others so you will have to experiment with the amounts.


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