How do I know if Palm oil is still good and if it is pure?

by Roxanne
(Cotati, CA, USA)

I was given a plastic tub of Palm Oil (hand written on plastic). When I opened it, I notice brown spots or stains.

I scraped them off then smelled. It smelled like...fat. I cannot find, anywhere, what palm oil should smell like. Also, it's not "oil". It is...Crisco-ish, with a tapioca consistency. Does this make sense to anyone?

Needless to say, I have never made soap.

#1) How can I tell if Palm oil is still good to use? How long does it stay fresh?
#2) How should I store it?
#3) I read palm oil makes soaps HARD. This is VERY soft.


Palm oil is a semi-solid to semi-liquid oil. Depending on your local climate (warm or cold) the oil can be a soft solid or completely liquid.

It contains a high percentage of palmitic acid which, when it goes through the saponification process will result in a nice hard soap.

Palm oil has a very understated scent. Quite mild and not unpleasant. If your oil smells rancid at all then I would not use it. Not sure what the brown spots would be...they don't sound good. I've never encountered those in my palm oil before.

Palm oil is best stored in a cool location in order to lengthen its shelf life.


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