Homemade Soap Recipe

'Orange Blossom'

Another palm free homemade soap recipe for you to try out! The base recipe is much the same as my silk soap recipe with a few small twists.

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Incorporating paprika and annatto infused olive oil into the base gives the soap it's lovely natural orange colour but the most wonderful part is the scent...sweet orange, ginger, ylang ylang and a little may chang and you've got an orange blossom scented soap you're sure to love.

With this recipe, I cut the soap into 12 bars, each weighing approximately 100 grams when cured. The size of each bar is 2.25" x 2.25" x 1.25".

Orange Blossom Homemade Soap Recipe

Homemade Soap Recipe Ingredients

Coconut Oil  -  225 gr.  |  7.9 oz.  |  25%

Shea Butter  -  225 gr.  |  7.9 oz.  |  25%

Olive Oil (includes infused oil**)  -  360 gr.  |  12.7 oz.  |  40%

Castor Oil  -  90 gr.  |  3.18 oz.  |  10%

Distilled Water  -  342gr.  |  12.06 oz.  

Lye  -  123.75 gr.  |  4.37 oz.  

Silk Peptide  -  10 gr.  

Water as % of Oils = 38%

Super Fat/Discount = 5%

Optional Additives - Orange Blossom

Kaolin Clay - 1 Tbsp.

Sweet Orange E/O  -  3 Tbsp.

Ylang Ylang E/O  -  1 1/2 tsp.

Ginger E/O  -  1 tsp.

May Chang E/O  -  1/2 tsp.

**Annatto Seed infused Olive Oil  -  10 gr.

**Paprika Infused Olive Oil  -  45 gr.

In the picture above you may notice the lavender soap in amongst the orange blossom bars. It too, is a wonderfully scented bar so below I have placed the ingredients to make that version of this soap as well. 

Optional Additives - Lavender & Ylang

Kaolin Clay - 1 Tbsp.

Lavender E/O - 2 Tbsp.

Sweet Orange E/O  -  1 Tbsp.

Ylang Ylang E/O  -  1 1/2 tsp.

Geranium E/O - 1 1/2 tsp.

**Alkanet Infused Olive Oil  - 25 gr.

Homemade Soap Recipe Instructions

Before you can proceed with making this recipe, you will need to create the infused olive oils.

Place 2 tablespoons of annatto powder into a jar, cover with 2/3 cup of olive oil and close the jar. Do the same with the paprika powder. If you are making the Lavender version, use 2 tablespoons of alkanet powder with 2/3 cup of olive oil.

Place the jar in a crock pot or pan and fill the pan an inch or two below the jar lid with water.  Put the lid on the pot and heat on low for about 1 hour. Watch that the water does not boil over the jars. After 1 hour, turn off the heat and let rest for about 12+ hours. The longer, the better. 

You can strain the oil through a coffee filter or let the sediment settle to the bottom of the jar and don't shake it...the oils stays clear and you can just scoop out the infused oil. 

Once your infused olive oil is ready, you can proceed with the soap recipe using your preferred soap making method. I made the soap using the room temperature method and incorporated the following steps.

  • Measure out the infused oils and top them up with regular olive oil to a total of 360 grams.( ie. 45 gr. paprika infused oil + 10 gr. annatto infused oil + 305 gr. regular olive oil = 360 gr. total olive oil needed.)
  • Once all your ingredients are measured out, add the lye to your water and stir in the silk peptide until everything is dissolved.
  • Pour the lye water over the hard oils and gently stir until the hard oils have completely melted.
  • Add in your liquid oils and kaolin clay. Bring the soap base to a thin trace and pour in the essential oils.
  • Once the soap reaches a medium to thick trace, pour it into your soap mould and insulate the soap as you usually would.
  • Cut the soap once it has cooled and is hard enough to handle.
  • Enjoy!

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