Home made lemon soap

When making lemon soap can I add the spice turmeric to make my soap a yellow color?


You certainly can add turmeric to handmade soap. It will produce an earthy yellow to orange colour.

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turmeric in soap
by: Laurie

I am a newbie, but this may help. I used lemon powder. 1 teaspoon per 2 lbs in the lye water then drained the granules out. It made a beautiful yellow in the lemon soap. Used cold process. I tried the turmeric with the same amount in mango/coconut scented and I didn't like the color for lemon scented soap; it was more of a gritty sandy color; it might also make a difference if you add the tumeric to the water or at trace to the batch and possibly what process you use and if you drain the granules. The scent can also affect the color.
I have seen turmeric suggested a number of times, please let me know how it works out, I'd like to be able to add an orange hue to my own mango soap.
Happy soap making and good luck.

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