High Weight in Soaps

by Kayode Temenu
(Lagos, Nigeria)

I am a soap maker, I am supposed to pack 75g and 200g of soaps but i consistently get 76-78g and 202-204g....this is a lot of give away, can you please tell me what to do to reduce this give away?..I have looked at the mould ...its very okay and closing well...where could the issue be?


Handmade soap loses weight over time. What the bar weight is when it is first cut and packaged will be more than the weight a few weeks later.

This is because the soap loses moisture and becomes harder over time. If you package your soaps at exactly the weight on the label, your soaps will be under weight after a few weeks.

I'm not sure what you can do to make your soaps exactly the right weight for every bar.



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