Hard water and homemade soap

by Blair
(Temecula, Ca)

I have been using shampoo that I have made for about a month now on my hair and my daughter's hair.

Her hair is soft and shiny once dry, but my hair is always a mess. I don't know if its grease or buildup. It is sticky and my hair just looks awful.

We also have hard water and I don't know if that is the cause. Should I put baking soda or some kind of salt in my shampoo that I make to counteract the hard water?


I don't think adding in salt or baking soda will fix the problem.

If it was a result of hard water I think you might have already had this problem before using your handmade shampoo.

Everyone's hair is different and not all hair types like the same products. I would first start with a vinegar rinse to see if that will remove the build up. If that doesn't work you may need to formulate a different recipe for your hair type. Research online to find the oils that will work best for your hair.


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Making soap for hard water
by: Anonymous

Can we add any ingredient to our cp soap so it lathers well in hard water? I use 30% coconut oil at the moment. My bar was fine in Tasmania but I was using rainwater. In Western Australia the water is hard and the soap is cloudy and sticky in the bath and doesn’t lather like it does with rainwater.

Water Hardness
by: Tom H.

other than phosphate, what do you add to soap to combat the hardness in water? Tom H.

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