Hard soap without palm oil

by Ketan Desai
(Surat City India)

Hi cathy...Good daay! in india palm oil is not handy..so, sujjest other oils to bland with coconut oil to make hard soaps..can we use clays...here is a hot temperature most of the time..so sujjest accordingly,post a recipe..available oils are castor,olive,coconut,soyabean,..etcrpl.post a recipe if possible...normally we deal with grams..

Ketan desai


Using Coconut and olive oil will actually produce quite a hard bar of soap. I would suggest using using around 30% coconut oil, 5% castor oil and 65% olive oil. Use around a 5 - 8 percent lye reduction and water at about 33%.

It will talk longer to reach a full trace and may take a day or so longer to harden up enough to cut.

Happy Soaping,

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