Hard soap bar with 5% fat

by Robert

What would you recomend as a receipe that contains shea butter, castor oil,coconut oil, soya bean, olive oil, jojoba oil but not palm oil. preferably a replacement for palm oil as I have a friend that is allergic to palm oil.

Also i made a receipe that contained coconut oil - 250g olive oil - 250g, soyabean oil - 500g gives excellent lather but is soft and lasts about 5 days.



Sorry but I do not currently have a recipe containing those exact ingredients.

I suggest checking out my page on Soap Making Oils and scrolling down to the heading 'Formulating a Recipe'. With that information and the information you can find on SoapCalc you should be able to formulate a recipe.

The reason the soap you made containing 25% coconut oil, 25% olive oil and 50% soya bean oil is soft and only lasts a short time is because you have such a large amount of soft oils...especially the soya bean oil. Try substituting a good percentage of the soya bean oil with hard oils.


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