Handmade Soap benefits !?

by Vahe
(Newhall CA U.S.A)

Is there any difference if I use expensive oils like coconut oil or other liquid oils like Walnut, Avocado, Olive and Almonds in compare to normal store soaps in aspect to beneficial sides for body?

Does it have any difference with those soaps I buy from store? Or I have to certainly make super fatty soaps in order to obtain these beneficiary sides?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration



The main draw for most people in making their own soap as opposed to buying commercially made soaps is the fact that they can control the ingredients that are in the soap.

You can avoid ingredients that you are sensitive to or simply wish to avoid. For example, some people do not want to wash with soap that contains animal by-products or they are sensitive to coconut oil.

For most people handmade soap is better for the skin because it does not contain chemical preservatives and is made with natural oils.

You do not need to make the soap 'super fatty' for your skin to benefit. Usually having between 5 - 10% excess fat in the bar is sufficient for the soap to be moisturising.


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