Green Spots

by Wendy
(New Zealand)

I have been using my Shampoo soap for about a month leaving it in the shower between washes.

I have seen 2 Dark "Green" spots on the soap and was wondering what these could be?

I do not want to use it until I hear back from you.

New Zealand


Orange or brown spots are a well known problem when soap gets past it's 'best before' time but green isn't a colour I have heard of developing on the soap.

They are likely something similar to DOS (dreaded orange spot) and probably mean that the soap is going off.

I'm afraid I can't advise you as to whether or not it is safe to use the soap. If you are unsure of the soap, I would throw it out. Handmade soap is supposed to make you feel good when you use it...not worried and apprehensive.

To make your soap last longer, be sure to store it in a spot that the soap will dry out between uses. Humidity and excess moisture will shorten the life of the bar.


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green soap
by: Anonymous

Thanks Cathy,appreciate your comments :)

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