Goats milk

by Sally

Why my goats milk turn brown?


Goat's milk and lye react with one another so a soap made with goat's milk will turn brown and sometimes even orange.

To minimize the colour change, try adding the lye to a reduced amount of water and adding in the remaining amount of liquid as goats milk at a thin trace. This produces a light beige soap rather than a dark tan colour.


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Goat milk lotion
by: Woody

I have a question concerning goat milk lotion. I have just
Started, My last batch has turned dark, a kind of beige
Color. I was very careful to follow all instructions. Cleaned all
Utensils with bleach,and then sprayed with alcohol. I pasteurized the milk and even boiled the distiller water. I used
Optiphen as preserver as well as Vit. E, and grapefruit seed
Extract. The lotion has no strange or rancid odor. I can,t
Imagine what could have caused this. My previous batch was great And I didn't. Use optiphen. I also added some vitamin
C crystals which I was informed would also to help as a preservative. If you could give some help I sure would be grateful. I can't in good faith sell this lotion at our local farmers market. I just don't see how there could be anything
Wrong with the lotion,but it just doesn't look right.

Hope someone can give some insight. Would be very grateful.

Goats Milk addative
by: John McPhail

Hi Sally

When I make my Goats Milk Soap
( www.facebook/MyGoapSoap )
The process use is as follows

Add the lye to the water (30% of the total liquid)
I place the container in a sink with cold water (and ice in summer) adding the lye gradually so the temp does not rise to much takes about 5 min to complete this stage. I then cool the water solution to 35 degrees C approx then slowly add the goats milk, it will turn a pale yellow colour, keeping the temp below 42 deg C. Once the milk and water solution is at 40 deg C with all the milk added I add it to the oils, which also are 40 deg C. My soap is a medium to dark beige in colour and tends to lighten while curing.
I also find different oils have an effect on colour too.

Hope this helps

Goat Milk soap turning colors
by: Mary Ann

I have made only one batch of Goat Milk and Honey Soap that did not turn carmel color and I don't know what I did to replicate it. I use real g. milk (not powdered) and real honey(not powdered),
also I use the room tempeture method. I think it turns carmel color because of the chemical reation between the lye and the milk, it gets hot and must cook the milk and honey. It does have a nice carmel smell.

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