Goat milk in Salt soap

by Linda
(Orlando, Fl)

I am interested in trying a Salt Soap and came across your recipe and website!

Can I substitute goat's milk for the water in your Salt Soap Recipe?

Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work in soap counselling!!!


You should be able to substitute goat's milk for the water in the salt soap recipe without any problem.

I've not tried it myself mind you but I've noticed that others are making goat milk salt soap so I can't see why not!

If you are using fresh goat's milk, you may want to use it partially frozen with your lye so that the lye doesn't burn it.

Alternatively, you could check out my goat milk soap recipe and incorporate that technique for using milk in a soap recipe.

Remember to cut the soap as soon as it is solid enough to handle. It will likely be quite hot still but if you don't cut it as soon as you can, you end up with crumbly edges and it can be too hard to cut.

Good luck!


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