Gentle soap recipe

by Sherri
(Wilmington, NC)

I need a gentle soap recipe that hopefully may have some healing qualities as well. It is for skin that has been radiated as it is very tender. Any suggestions from you or fellow readers would be appreciated!


Castile Soap (100% Olive Oil Soap) is the gentlest soap that I know of.

Here is a recipe for a 900 gr. batch.

900 grams olive oil
324 grams water
115.9 grams lye

Superfat = 5%
Water as a percent of oil = 36%

Be aware that I do not have any idea if a Castile Soap would be okay to use on skin that has been radiated.

I suggest talking with your doctor before using anything just in case it could cause complications.

Good luck,

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gentle soap recipe
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Donna, I will try your recipe in addition to making a Castille batch. Then he will have two types to test and choose. I appreciate your sharing, it often feels like we fight this battle alone, but I know we don't. Blessings to you, your Mother, and your family!

Super gentle soap
by: Donna

I'm not a huge fan of straight castile soap (I like it for shaving with, but as a cleanser I find it a bit gooey), but here's the super gentle soap I make for people with sensitive skin, including my mother who's also going through radiation right now:

Plain Jane:

Palm Oil: 400g
Olive Oil: 347g
Coconut Oil: 300g
Castor Oil: 50g

Lye: 155g
Water: 360g


I've had people who can't use ANY sort of commercially made soap without bothering their skin rave about this soap. :) It's also got a rather nice lather and is a reasonably hard bar.

Thank you
by: Sherri

for the suggestion and advice. The medically supplied cleanser caused problems, we are looking to find an acceptable alternative and will definitely consult.

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