Gel Soap or Not

by Miriam Fields
(Houston, TX)

What is the difference in appearance in cold process soap that does not go through the gel phase versus one that has?


When soap is going through the gel phase, it turns translucent in appearance, darkens up in colour considerably and the texture resembles petroleum jelly.

As the soap cools down and hardens back up it becomes opaque looking and the colour will lighten up again. However, the gelled soap doesn't fully return to the chalky opaque colour it was when it was first poured into the soap mold.

Non gelled soap will have a more chalky look to it. Whites are whiter and colours tend to be more true. (This is not taking into account the wild card factor of fragrance and essential oils).

Both methods are widely and successfully used. I tend to gel my soaps because of the design methods I use. The gel process helps to bond the pieces together. The use of mica and oxides in my soap gives the colour a more chalky look as well.


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How to prevent it from gelling?
by: Anonymous

How do you prevent your cold processed soap from gelling then? Do you put it in the refrigerator, freezer, combination of both or leave sit out at room temerature? If any of the first two (freezer/fridge)-how long do you leave it in for and do you have to then leave it sit out at room temperature before cutting?

Gel Look
by: roselyn

Indeed my soap has darkened and I don't think it looks beautiful.

I Don't Allow My CP Soap To Gel
by: Shay

I myself prefer NOT to let my Room Temperature Method Cold Process soap to gel.

I prefer the look of my finished soap when it didn't enter the gel phase as opposed to the look when my soap has gone through the gel stage.

I found the soap that had gone through the gel stage made like sort of oily gel looking designs through out my soap and some think it looks neat but me I don't. I like my soap colours and designs to be more consistent and true.

Just my opinion you really have to decide for yourself which works best for you to gel or not to gel :>)

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