Gel phase worries...

by Carrie

I am new to soap making and I have watched lots of videos and read a few books... But I always end up asking the same question.

How do I prevent my soap from going thru the gel stage?? I like the apperance of the same color throughout the bar of soap.

Also, I am really worried about the colors changing from their original shades. Is there a book or website that gives you the types of oils and colors and what the end shade result will be when they are mixed? Thanks for your input!!



I tend to gel all of my soaps and the only times that I don't it is by accident!

From what I have heard, placing the soap in a cool place and not insulating it is one method used.

I have noticed that when my soaps don't gel, it tends to be when I have taken my time getting the soap to trace, split the soap up, coloured it and generally let the soap cool a fair amount before placing it in the soap mold.

Slab molds tend to be better at not gelling. A block mold will hold the heat much better and is likely to gel more easily.

I am not aware of a book or website that has colour samples of soaps and colourants made with different ingredients...the variety of possibilities is so vast that I'm not sure how anyone would go about it.


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