Fruit and Preservatives

by Anonymous

I am a newbie to soap making. During the time I've been researching I've been thinking about recipes. I myself would like to experiment with using real fruit, in frozen puree form in CP soap.

What I wanted to know, is if there is a preservative a person could use to make it to where the soap would not go bad so quickly ?

I do understand that fruit will spoil and putting it in soap would probably not make a lot of difference in this but wondered if there is some type of preservative that could be used.
As natural of one as possible.
Thank you


Sorry but I'm not aware of any preservatives that can be used in soap to stop added fruit from going bad.


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by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for your information. I guess if someone really wanted to experiment with this, they could make the bars small ones that would be used up fast if nothing else

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