Fresh Herbs and Flowers in Soap

by Sherri

Herbs and Flowers in Soap Making

Herbs and Flowers in Soap Making

I have the most lovely roses as well as fresh herbs and such in my garden.

How can I take advantage of these things rather than buy essential oils? or can I?

I do not wish to set up a still (for creating essential oils) in my backyard as the neighbours might have a problem with that.

Could I, for example, warm some of the olive oil I plan to use in a batch of soap and add herbs to it and let that set for a few weeks before straining the oil and using for soap? Add rose petals to the soaps, etc?

Also small amounts of juices, like carrot. How would that work? Seems like spoilage might be a factor.

Anyway, I have found this website while looking for an alternative to going to a job. I would rather make a living.

This is by far the best website I have ever visited. Ever.

Your soaps and your story are inspiring and I think; I can do that! Not that I think it is easy, but because each batch would be an inspiration to the next, and the next.

Also, it just good clean fun! Something the kids can do! My teenage SON is begging me to buy soap supplies! And he wants to spend time with his MOM to do it! That alone is priceless!

Thank for your inspiration and advise!
Sherri in NC

Answer: lucky you are to actually have someone in your house interested in making soap with you!! I envy you very much.

You can most definitely use herbs and flowers from your garden to make infusions for your soap making.

It is best to dry the herbs and flowers first
before making the infusion because the excess water can make the oil go rancid if not used in your soap right away.

Simply pack a nice size jar with your dried matter and cover with olive oil. You can boost the process along by warming the jar of oil in a hot water bath and then leaving in a dark location for a few weeks to fully absorb the plants essence.

Unfortunately herbs and such don't usually scent the soaps quite the way essential oils do. In fact, very little of the scent will probably come through. Take rose oil...I've read somewhere that it takes around a ton of rose petals to make one ounce of rose oil. Yikes!

Adding rose petals to soap doesn't have the effect we would like....they turn brown or black when they come in contact with the lye. Even when the soap is cured.

Not all herbs turn colour, some remain the same. Calendula is a great herb to use in soap making. It gives a beautiful yellow colour to the soap.

The following page has some ideas for using botanicals in soap making as well as how to make infusions and teas. Herbal Natural Soap Ingredients

Vegetable juices like carrot or tomato can be used as well. Because it is a juice and not large chunks of vegetable matter, the lye seems to prevent it from going off. Many people use puried vegetables as well. Anne Marie aka "The Soap Queen" has a tutorial on using pumpkin puree in a recipe that looks devine....I can't wait to try it myself.

Thanks so much for the kind words as well! It makes my day to hear I've inspired others to make soap.

Happy Soaping!

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Flowers in Soap
by: Anonymous

I've used lavender but it ended up looking like little black bits in the soap. Used calendula petals like you said and it worked out great!

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