Fractionated Coconut Oil

by Zene Kaye
(South Africa)

I made a few soap batches with fractionated coconut oil. When I cut it into bars I realised that the soap's colour is darker (in comparison with soap I made without coconut oil).

The other thing is that I get the impression that the soap batch also gets warmer after pouring it into the mould.(I am not pouring the soap into individual moulds, but in a wooden block mould)

The soap however when I used it, was perfect without any problems and the lather was great.

Is it fine if I use fractionated coconut oil?

There are 3 differant kind of coconut oil, at 76 degrees and another one at 92 degrees I think)and of course the fractionated.

I also want to know, what does grapeseed extract do to your soap and is it a preservative?

zene kaye


You are quite right, there are three types of coconut oil.

Coconut oil 72 degrees and 92 degrees are both solid at room temperature and are cold pressed from the fruit.

Fractionated coconut oil is liquid at room temperature because it goes through an additional process called fractionation that removes the unsaturated elements.

I noticed when I looked it up on SoapCalc that it's acid makeup is quite different from the other two. Most of the usual acids we look for in a soap making oil have been removed from the fractionated coconut oil.

I use Coconut oil 72 degrees in my soap making but the other two can be used as well. One thing to note about the fractionated coconut oil is that is much more expensive than the other two.

I'm afraid I can't comment on how fractionated coconut oil behaves in soap making because I have never used it nor have I heard anything about it being used. Sorry about that...:)

As for Grapefruit Seed Extract...Here's the link to the page about Preservatives and Grapefruit Seed can read up on my explanation about it there.


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Fractionated CO vs CO
by: Zara

Actually, I find the prices are roughly the same, so I guess it depends on whether you're using virgin organic coconut oil or the refined and deodorized (RBD) variety.

As I only use raw, organic, virgin 'everything' in my cp soaps,, 1 litre of organic virgin coconut oil costs me $13.50 if I purchase in bulk (or 19.50 per litre otherwise) and 1 litre of fractionated coconut oil is 19.00.

Most of my suppliers sell the RBD variety of coconut oil for around 6.00 per litre, but as mentioned, I only use raw, organic, virgin oils.

It also largely depends upon where you're purchasing your oils, so shopping around is always a good idea.

fractionated coconut
by: Anonymous

I agree with Cathy about the cost of fractionated cocnut oil. It's much more than the other two and not worth the cost for soap making purposes. I did some research on fractionated cocnut oil and found what it is really good for are those little packets of power gue that athletes sqeeze into their mouth while running marathons. It gives them the neccasary fat they need and the fractionation keeps it in a liguid form. Interesting huh. Of course I have seen it as an ingredient for many soap and lotion recipes too, but I have never used it.

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