Forgot to grease PVC piping - CP Soap

by Eleanor Zuzan
(Concord CA USA)


I forgot to line my PVC piping with oil today. Will my soap still come out of the mold? I know I can put it in the freezer but will it work.

Thank you,


It takes a bit of work but yes it does work. You will need to have (or make) a plunger though.

Picture a tin can on the floor...sit the tube of soap over top of the can so that the can is touching the soap and the tubes rim is on the outside of the can.

Now gently but firmly push the tubing down over the can. This should 'break' the seal between the soap and the tube and the soap should be able to be pushed out.

Don't forget to freeze the soap first and then sit it out of the freezer for a few minutes to 'sweat'. You may want to make a cardboard circle to place between the can and the soap to protect the soap from damage.

The easiest and best method for lining a PVC soap mold is to use a silicon baking sheet...this method was introduced to me by Birch Bark Soaps...the tutorial is here.

Good luck,

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