Foaming Bath Butter Additives

by Angela
(Centralia, WA)

Not sure if I posted this right the first time, so figured I should start from scratch. I'd like to add some things to the Foaming Bath Butter base from NDA, and have looked in vain for percentages.

For the Bath Butter, I'd like to add powdered coconut milk, shea butter and a preservative for the milk, and was wondering at what percentage these should be added.

Also, for sugar and salt scrubs with this base, what's the best way to determine super saturation? should a certain percentage be added first, and then another so the first melts and the second stays crystalized?

And finally, is there a limit to the additives I can add before the base starts breaking down and becoming unstable? For instance, could I make the foaming bath butter with the shea butter and coconut milk, and still add the salt or sugar along with color and fragrance, and the end product still be nice and stable?

Thanks so much for reading my question =)


Here is a link to New Directions page about the Foaming Bath Butter". From what I gather, you can add up to 2 ouces of oil (or butter) for every pound of base used.

The amount of sugar or salt used in the recipe is up to you. Supersaturated, I believe, means that you can add as much of the salt/sugar as the base. The sugar/salt shouldn't melt since you are not melting the base. Follow the directions for Foaming Bath Butter and add the sugar/salt (along with the colour and scent, etc) once the mix has almost doubled.

As for the coconut milk powder and the preservative...I'm not sure. You will have to experiment with how much coconut milk you want to add. The preservatives usually come with directions and recommendations on how much is needed for each type of application...if not, then you should be able to Google the product for the information.

Hope that helps,

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