Fix a Crumbly Salt Soap

by Tiffany

I made a batch of CP Sea Salt soap with 100% salt to oils.

I used individual silicone molds so I wouldn't have to cut the soap. Now that it has been 24 hours I have tried to unmold the soap and the bottom half is very crumbly.

I was wondering if I could put this in the oven, and if so at what temperature, to reheat the oils and maybe unmold it sooner. Do you have any suggestions?


It sounds like the salt has sunk to the bottom of each bar of soap. That could happen if your soap was at too thin of a trace when the salt was added.

There are a couple of things you could try to fix it.

One is to re-batch the soap. Not sure how successful this would be since I've never tried to re-batch a salt soap before.

Another option that I think I would try over the re-batch, is to make a small batch of the salt soap base (without the salt) and add the crumbly salt soap (which you will have finely chopped up) to it.

In essence, you will be 'gluing' the soap crumbles together with soap. Be sure to bring the soap to a pudding like trace before adding the soap crumbles and putting it into your soap molds.

If the original salt soap is a plain white colour, it might be fun to colour the 'glue' batch a very light blue or green colour. You'll get an ocean like look.

Good luck,

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