Eyes sting after cutting soap

by Anita
(Olympia, Washington)

I know getting soap in your eyes makes them sting, but my eyes are stinging just from being in proximity to my soap while I was cutting it after the insulation period.

This was my 10th batch of cold process soap and the first time I've had a problem of this kind. I made it with olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond fragrance and the following essential oils: cinnamon, sweet orange and petitgrain. Also ground black walnut hulls and some paprika.

Most of my supplies came from Brambleberry but the castor oil was some medicinal castor oil I got at the grocery store. The soap has a medicinal smell that I think is caused by the castor oil. Could that also be what's causing my eyes to sting?

I wonder also if it could be a reaction to the paper I used to line the mold--it was plastic coated freezer paper. I have a hunch I should just toss this stuff but does anyone know what's causing this reaction so I can avoid this in the future? Thanks.


Sometimes soap particles can get in the air when cutting the loaf. Perhaps that is what is bothering you.

Another possibility could be too much cinnamon essential oil.

I don't think that the medicinal smell would be from the castor oil. Sometimes the soap can have an odd smell to start but once the soap has cured it goes away.

The plastic lined freezer paper is perfectly fine to use...it is what I use every time I make soap. It works wonderfully.


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