Expensive soap making supplies

by Vahe
(California, Newhall)

I want to start making soap but I don't know where I can buy oil and lye for the cheapest price.

If I buy online 10 lb lye and buy 3 types of oil: Coconut Oil, 1 gal Almond Oil and 1 gal Castor Oil
I should pay more than $70 for oil and $30 for lye and that is not economical.

The cheapest lye I find online at www.essentialdepot will cost me $30 for shipping of just $20 lye.

Can you please tell me where can I buy cheap lye and oil?

I live in Newhall California. Is it possible to show me a store in my area?

Thanks for your help


Soap making isn't really an economical hobby unfortunately. Many of the ingredients come from all corners of the world and can be a bit expensive.

The reason lye is so expensive to ship is because of dangerous goods charges that have to be paid. They are usually the same regardless of how much you ship. It been awhile since I needed to ship lye but in Canada it used to be $25 for the dangerous goods charge. I have always bought the 50 lb bag and poured it into tightly sealed jugs to use as I need it.

My suppliers page has a list of suppliers in California. Perhaps one is close enough that you can pick up the ingredients.


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Getting lye
by: Anonymous

I too have recently started making soap, and I found lye for $3+ at Ace Hardware for a 1 lb bottle.
Don't have an Ace nearby checkout Home Depot or Lowes. If they don't have which ours didn't see if they can order it for you. I found most oils either at the grocery store, whole foods or Costco and Sam's Club for cheap. Good luck, soap making is fun and this site has become my go to place for everything!

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