Essential Oils and Pregnancy

by Pelin

I have noticed that you have phrases that say "best to avoid during pregnancy," or "do not use in pregnancy," in the detailed info section of some essential oils.

I make CP soaps and my question is can a pregnant person not use CP soaps containing these essential oils and that we should warn them or does your warning refer to the direct usage of these oils on skin?



The reason I have added those cautions to the descriptions of the essential oils is because those are the cautions I have come across while researching them. I thought it prudent to pass on any information I could to my readers.

I imagine that it would be inadvisable to use the essential oils directly or in a carrier oil while pregnant. I unfortunately can't say if it is okay or not to use handmade soaps containing these oils while pregnant...I just don't have the medical knowledge.

I do suggest full disclosure of ingredients on the packaging of all handmade products. That way there is no doubt as to the contents of the products that a person is buying.

I would suggest doing a bit of research. Check out commercial products that contain the essential oils you wish to they have cautions on the packaging warning not to use while pregnant? You could also talk to a medical practitioner and get their advice on the subject.

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by: Anonymous

I was on another forum and they were implying that the benefits of EO's gets lost when we use them in soap making. If that is true I am not only totally bummed (because I have been basing all my soaps around the benefits of EO) but it would also remove the worry of any ill effects on a pregnant woman. I would love for someone to chime in that possibly is an aromatherapist or knows something about these concerns. I could certainly save a ton of money if the benefits are lost In the saponification process.

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