Droplets on un-molded soap

by Rosie
(Los Angeles CA)

I infused oil with calendula and made a strong calendula tea for my soap. Then I proceeded to make room-temp soap, however, when I went ahead to de-mold, I saw lots of droplets on my soap. I don't know if I ruined the soap.

I read previous questions and apparently the soap can experience overheating. Is this the case for any method used? or primarily room temperature method? How can I reduce the chances of overheating? Any rules of thumb?


I'm thinking they are just condensation.

Dab at the water droplets with white paper towel. If they do not turn the paper towel brown, then they are probably a result of condensation settling on your soap.

If they burn the paper towel (turn it brown) then they may be lye droplets. If this is the case, I would throw out the soap.

Good luck,

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