Doubling a recipe and how to use SoapCalc

by Debby

I am a newby at this and want to try your Shea butter/Coconut Milk recipe using Goat's Milk at do I adjust the recipe for making a double batch?

I don't understand the lye calculator well enough to know how to do this and be sure I have the right water/lye/milk measurements.


Since you are new to soap making I do recommend making single batches to start. Being new, it is more likely that mistakes will be made and it's heartbreaking to have to throw out a large amount of product.

When you decide to do a double batch, all you have to do is double the recipe. Multiply each amount by 2 and write it down. Then simply measure each one out. Goat's milk can replace the coconut milk without having to do anything at all.

I do suggest learning how to use a lye calculator since it's always a good idea to check a recipe you find for errors. SoapCalc is the one I recommend. You will find the site full of useful information and it even has some instructions on how to use the calculator.

I've also answered a post in the past giving instructions on how to use SoapCalc.

Good luck,

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