Do all the soaps contain lard?


I have read all of your recipes, and i am very new to the soap making fun, i know this is just a crazy question but some of them do not say lard. So i am very confussed already. I want a complete knowledge of this before i start so i look and read ur site daily. Pleaae help me with the understanding of soap not containing lard. Just oil an lye make the soap? :( HELP THANK YOU.


Lard is simply one type of fat/oil used in soap making and isn't required.

Soap is made up of a mixture of fats and/or oils, lye and water. That's all that's needed. Other optional ingredients are often added such as scent, colour, minerals and botanicals.

For more information about the ingredients that go into soap, try reading some of the following pages:

Soap Making Oils - read all the way down the page.

Essential Oils for Soap Making

Lye and Water

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