Decoration Top of Melt and Pour

by Julie
(Beautiful Australia)

Hello All, I have just a quick question

I am making a range of Melt and Pour for a local florist and they want a soap that is not completely square. They have asked for the type of top you would often put on CP Soap e.g. Piped or dollopped look.

My Question is :- Is it possible to pipe cold Processed soap onto set Melt and Pour. If so, how long after the Melt and Pour is set should be this be done?? - I am aware you can place embeds onto top which will provide a nice decoration, however, this is not what they are looking for.

Has anyone had experience in this type of process??? If so, did you need to spray the top of the Melt and Pour to ensure adhesion of the CP to the top of the M&P??

I hope my question makes sense, and again I thank you Cathy for all you do. You are my favourite site of all :O)

Kindest Regards


Thanks Julie!

I get what you are trying to do but I'm not sure if it will work or not.

If I was to try it, I would add the topping to the melt and pour base as soon as it had set and I would definitely spray the top with rubbing alcohol to help with adhesion.

My main concern would be whether or not there would be enough cp soap for it to set properly and the fact that it would need to cure for 4 - 6 weeks while the base would be ready right away.

Perhaps if you could buy or make a silicone loaf mold that is shaped that way would be better. That way the whole soap would be melt and pour.

The mold would have the "dolloped topping" on the bottom which you would pour first and allow to set. Then you would pour the main part of the soap. Not sure if this will make sense to anyone but it works great in my mind!

Silicone can be bought and used to make molds for soap making as well as other things.

Good luck,

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