Cutting and Storing Melt and Pour Soap

by Sandra Gifford
(Quebec, Canada)

My melt n pour soap is made and I'm waiting for the delivery of a two handled cutting knife.

Can I wait one week before cutting it?

If yes, how do I store it during the waiting period?

Thank you,
Sandra Gifford


One of the wonderful things about handmade soap, whether it's melt and pour, hot process or cold process soap, is that you don't have to cut it into bars until you need it or want to.

With the exception of salt soaps or soap made with extremely high percentages of hard oils. They will crumble if you do not cut them very soon after making.

Melt and pour soap is already soap when you purchase it. Once you convert it into your wonderful soapy masterpiece, it can be cut at any time. You can even leave it as a soap log to cut as you need it if you like. This can be beneficial in slowing down the loss of scent in the soap as well.

To store your soap, whether it's melt and pour or another form of handmade soap, place it in a cool (not cold), DRY location out of direct sunlight. A linen cupboard or shelf works well.

When I was producing large amounts of soap, I had wooden utility shelving units that my Dad made extra sliding shelves for. I pinned fabric around each shelf to keep dust of the bars and this worked really well.

I no longer make such a large volume of soap so I now store my soap bars on cardboard flats placed in dresser drawers. It's lovely walking by the dresser and smelling the soap as you pass by!

I hope this eases your mind and while you wait for your new knife, it's time to start planning the next batch, right?

Happy Soaping!


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Storing Melt and Pour Soap
by: Cathy

Absolutely! Once melt and pour soap has been made you can wrap it immediately in cling film/saran to stop moisture from settling on the soap and keep the scent in.

If you leave the soap as a log, you can just unwrap the log as you need it, cut a slice, and wrap it back up.

If you prefer to cut the log up right away, wrap each bar in the cling film. Either way works just fine.

Sweating of MP soap when Storing
by: Christone UK

I was wondering about the sweating of the MP soap due to its high glycerin content. Is storing it in a cool place uncovered enough to keep it from sweating? Is cling film/saran wrap okay to keep it from sweating and retaining the scent?

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