Crystallizing on top of soap

by Mimi

Hi, I notice that two of my recently made soap batches have some crystallizing on top of each loaf.

My technique includes melting the saturated fats first (shea, coconut) and then I add the liquid oils.

I mix the oils at low temperatures and add the filled up molds to the freezer to prevent gelling.

I was wondering if this has anything to do with the tiny sprinkles of crystallization that occurs after they are removed from the mold. If not, what can cause this to happen? Thanks!


Are you referring to the 'bloom' that soap can get? Kind of a whiteish fuzzy looking crystally haze that covers the exposed areas of the soap...usually the top of the soap log?

If so, this is quite common and I believe it has to do with the moisture that is trying to escape during the saponifying process settling back onto the soap and drying.

Try to place a fan on the soap after you remove it from the freezer so that the moisture doesn't dry on the soap itself. I know that frozen soap will sweat until it has thawed so keep the fan on until the soap is completely up to room temperature.

Hopefully this helps,

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Crystallizing on top of soap
by: Mimi

You described it best and I am glad to learn that it is not the worst thing that can happen to my soap. Thank you so much!

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