Cp soap shrink wrap

by Ms. Lexi
(Corona, CA)

Is it ok to wrap Cold process soaps (after they're cured) in plastic like melt & pour soaps or should they be allowed to breathe?

My feelings are that the soap should be able to breathe but many people have stated that their soaps were fine when wrapped in shrink wrap.

One lady mentioned that you can get perforated shrink wrap. Might be something to look into.


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Soap shrink wrap
by: Heather

I get mine frome mms. I think they work fantastic with CP soap. The ends stay open to allow breathing and for smelling the scent. Which works out great if you sell at a farmers market. Less handling and more soaps saved from kids dropping them on the floor. I've never experienced soggy or spoiled soaps cause of this type.

shrink wrap
by: becky wiseley

MMS (majestic mountain sage, which cathy has on her suppliers list) sells shrink wrap (actually they are bands that go around the bars) that leaves the ends of the soap exposed so they can breath and still be protected at the same time. they are fairly cheap at 100 for 4.00. You have to have bars that fit the bands but they also have larger ones for bigger bars. I love them

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