CP soap batch won't get hard in mold

by Larry Mitchell
(Lafayette, LA)

I've been making soap for about a year with no problems. I made a batch 3 days ago and it gelled, but there is a pool of clear liquid material on the top of the log mold that won't firm up. My raw materials are the same and I've never had this happen. The raw oils are about a year old (olive, coconut, palm, almond, castor).

What are some reasons that CP soap won't get hard in the mold? Is there a way to re-batch to save it?


A couple of things might have happened.

1. When soap is poured too soon, it can separate leaving a greasy layer on the top.

2. The ingredients might have been miss-measured.

3. Sometimes a fragrance oil reacts with the soap and seems to separate out a bit and settle on the top.

You could try to rebatch the soap making sure to use the liquid that is on top of the soap as well. Be sure to check the soaps pH after it has been rebatched to make sure it is safe to use.

Good luck,

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