Confused about gelling soap

by Beth
(Angier nc)

I was just reading about gelling vs non gelling. I am going to make my first batch of goatmilk soap and pour in mold. Don't I want it to gel? Isn't that the first part of setting it up ?



Soap can be gelled or not, either way is fine. It is much harder to stop a milk based soap from gelling since milk contains sugar which causes the soap batter to heat up much more. Heat is what causes the soap to gel. When the soap base gets to a certain temperature it changes and enters the gelling phase. This causes the soap to take on a darker more translucent appearance. It will in fact resemble vaseline. Once the soap cools down it will harden and it will have a darker shade to it's colour. Non gelled soap's colour is more pastel. Sort of a chaulky look.

Non gelled soap tends to be softer for longer but by the time the soap has cured it will be just as hard as a gelled soap.


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