Colour of soap

by Wendy
(New Zealand)

My soap that I poured into moulds went white, ( as it did in a previous batch) and then went a dark honey color, I used a stick whizz to mix, but I did this outside, also the temps were both 38c.

Don't know what went wrong, also I left them outside in the sun, with glad wrap tightly covering them, maybe this was a mistake, but they started out great and went white as they should of... any help would be appreciated... thanks.


Do you mean that when you poured the soap into the soap mold it was white and when you unmolded the soap it turned out to be a dark honey colour?...


Do you mean the bars were white and then you wrapped them tightly in cling film, left them in the sun and then they turned a dark honey colour?

If it is the first option, you will find that the ingredients you add to a batch of soap will often discolour the soap. For instance, any soap with milk in it can turn anywhere from a light cream to a deep brown colour...even orange in some cases. Many fragrance and essential oils will also discolour the soap.

If it is the second option, it's probably not a good idea to leave the soap sitting in the hot sun and though I haven't done it, I imagine it could discolour the the finished soap bars.


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