Colour first or fragnance first


Transparent soap pulp I want to make my own soap but instructions in foreign language

there are three different bottles.

1 says duftolie apple
2 says duftolie citron but different bottle
3 says kosmetika farg ( tval farg rod)

Which is colouring or fragrance?

which item to put first in the melted pulp, colouring first or fragnance oil?


I hate to answer a question with a question but what is transparent soap pulp?

Are you talking about melt and pour soap?

If so, I would put the colour in first and then the fragrance.

As for what the language on the bottles is and what they say...I initially had no idea but used google to figure it out. I think it's swedish.

1. "duftolie apple" might be "äpple doft olja" and means apple fragrance oil.

2. "duftolie citron" might be "citron doft olja" and means lemon fragrance oil.

3. "kosmetika farg(tval farg rod) might be "kosmetisk tvål färg röd which means cosmetic soap colour red.

.....or something similar!!! My best guess is the top two are scents and the bottom one is colour.

Good luck,

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