Colors turning wrong color.

by Mary Thomas
(South Texas)

I have the oxide minerals to color my soaps. I use the CP and RT methods but when I add the colors (already mixed with a little oil for incorporating) the colors in the soap change, never like the color of the minerals.

I don't add white titanium dioxide to the base, could that be it or do I need to let soap cool in the mixing bowl before adding the colors? I don't want every bar of soap to be brown. :(


Everything that goes into the soap will contribute to the colour of your final bars. If the base oils are a yellow colour then the soap will have an off white colour leaning towards yellow. If you use lots of extra virgin olive oil or pomace oil then the soap colour will have a green tinge to it.

Fragrance oils and essential oils will also contribute to the colour of the final soap. Anything with vanilla in it will turn the soap brown...even if the fragrance oil looks clear when you go to use it. The only exception is the non-discolouring vanilla oils specially designed to not turn brown. Coconut fragrance is another culprit. Be sure to check out the soap suppliers site for info on how the oil reacts in cold process soapmaking. You can also check out reviews on the products.

If you want bright colours you will need to use light coloured oils for the soap base and non-discolouring fragrance/essential oils to scent the soap. Titanium dioxide or white mica can make the colours 'pop' quite a bit more.

I've never heard of having to let the soap cool before adding in the colour. I always add my colour at a light trace (or before if I want the whole batch that colour) and mix it in very well.


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