Cleaning up after Soap Making

by Melissa

I've been pretty successful with making the soap, but I am having trouble with the clean up.

Where does everyone clean their tools?

At the kitchen sink, it seems to create a white film on dishes in dish washer even though I'm not running washer at the same time as cleaning.

In the bathroom, the sink clogs up in no time at all.

Do you have any suggestions?


For me cleaning up after a soap making session contains two stages....wiping down and washing up.

The wiping down stage consists of using a spatula to thoroughly scrape all equipment of soap residue, leftover oil and whatever else was used. I then take paper towels (or newsprint) to wipe off anything else left over.

After all equipment has been wiped off, it's time for the washing stage. This is simply using hot water, scrubbies and dish soap(if needed) to clean the equipment.

Too much newly made soap left on the equipment tends to leave a film of unsaponified oils on the dishes and the sink. It will also clog the drains and cause havok with your plumbing.

Hope that helps,

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Cleaning up after Soap Making
by: WendyB

I wipe down my surfaces, and rinse out the lye water container in hot soapy water, same with any dishes used for fragrance or colours,.. however my stick blender or anything with "soap" on it gets left to the next day, makes cleaning up so much easier and you get to see a few bubbles from your new batch. The only time I dont do this, is if I am making multiple batches, then I clean my pot between batches

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