Challenge testing

by Laura
(NSW Australia)

I was just reading your information about using preservatives and I was wondering if you have your products challenge tested to see if the right preservatives and the right amount have been used?

Thankyou Laura NSW


The only product that I sold was handmade soap and though I have often added ingredients to prolong the life of the soap, it really isn't a no, I have not had my soaps challenge tested. I also no longer sell my soaps but rather give them away to my family and friends.

I see from above that you are from Australia. My knowledge only pertains to Canada on these matters so that is what I will refer to below. For Australia's Government Regulations visit this link - Cosmetics

If you plan on selling your products in Canada, it is not required that you have your products challenge tested but it is a requirement that you fill out the "Cosmetic Notification Form" and submit it to Health Canada.

Though this requirement is supposed to apply to all manufacturers, importers and distributors of cosmetic products (this includes soap), I am fairly certain that a very large majority of cottage industry crafters do not follow and in fact are not even aware of this government regulation.

For more information about this regulation and how to comply, visit Health Canada at the following links:

Guidelines for Cosmetics Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors
General Requirements for Cosmetics
List of Prohibited and Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients ("Hotlist")

For any other country, search your government websites for information on the manufacture and sale of cosmetic products.

Good luck,

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