Can I make a living off soapmaking?

by Mirabelle

Hi, I have been making my own handmade soap for a while now and was thinking of selling my soap. When I brought my idea before a few successful entrepreneurs in my family, they said to make a living full-time off selling soap is next to impossible because the cost of soap is so low. Are they right? Should I plan on only having the business as a hobby? Thanks.


For me soapmaking provided a small secondary income that allowed me to stay at home with my kids while they were little.

I don't know if you could survive on a soapmaking income by itself. You would certainly have to streamline your process to be very assembly line like. Skipping some of the time consuming decorative features (my favorite part) would probably be essential.

I suggest making up a business plan. Decide who you are going to sell to, what types of soaps will you be selling, whats the cost to make the soap, how much can you realistically produce, etc. This should help you get to bottom line...will you make money?

Good luck,

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Yes you can make money selling soap
by: Anonymous

I have been making and selling my own soaps for several years now. I've learned the key to it is that you have to do more than just sell soap.

I teach soapmaking in many different forums. At my local city college, I run after-school programs during the summer through our local parks and recs.

I have teamed up with private schools and run similar programs. This tax season I earned 99k making and teaching soapmaking. Just because you teach it doesn't mean all your students will become soapers.

Realistically only approx 1 out of 50 continued. Its a great Mother-daughter, date night.

Making soap even has such a great science component that you can even connect with science teachers in your community to use it as an alternative class for a day. Good luck!

Making A Living Off Of Soap Making
by: Heavenly Scent Soaps


I have been making and selling soaps for about 10 years now - but I don't rely on it as a source of income. Mainly, I make enough to support my "soaping habit"...

I create and sell soaps because I enjoy it. If I had to rely on doing it full time (and having to skip the fun/creative parts), it would no longer seem like a passion but rather..well, a "job". It would take much of the joy out of it.

As to whether you could be profitable, you'd have to consider all of your expenses - and hopefully, you do have liability insurance which is very important if you are going to sell your soap to the public. And, you have to determine if you'll sell any other products (like lotion, body butter, lip balm, etc.). Then consider what your material costs would be - ingredients, packaging, labeling, advertising (if you plan on selling online).

We sell our soaps, along with our fiber arts, at art shows, craft shows, and farmer's markets. There is almost always other soapers there - so if you go that route, there is a good chance you will have competition.

I don't want to sound discouraging, but I'd say that it will be challenging - depending on how much you expect to earn from this venture.

Is soap making a great financial rewarder
by: Josephine

l often wondered if soap making will afford me reasonable income. I am a single mother with two young children to care for financially. I am so enthusiastic about soap making,and have undertaken
foundation course in soap making (traditional cold process). the major hindrance in not taking with off the business is the worry about the earning potential of the business.


As with starting all businesses, whether you make money or not is really dependant on you.

It takes much more than a desire to be a business owner and a great product. Those are important of course but a good business plan is essential.

You need to decide what your goals are and write up a business plan on how you will achieve them. Research your potential client base and the market trend in your area.

Doing a business plan will give you an idea of whether or not you can make the income you need before you launch your business. While it can be very time consuming, it will give you direction and save you money and time in the long run.

Good luck,

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