Camellia Goats Milk Soap


Is it possible to substitute camellia oil for vegetable oil in a soap recipe and do you have a recipe for a goats milk soap with camellia oil?



You can definately substitute camellia oil in for one of your vegetable oils.

Camellia oil is very expensive and you don't need too much for it to be beneficial. I wouldn't add more than 10% - 15% of the oils.

Be sure to run the recipe through a lye calculater after any change to a recipe.

I do not have a goats milk and camellia oil soap recipe.

You can easily make one yourself by taking my basic recipe and substituting some of the olive oil with camellia oil.

Use half the amount of water needed in the recipe to dissolve the lye in and add the goats milk (an amount equal to the remaining water not used) at trace. You can fortify the goats milk with extra powdered goats milk...this is a great way to have a full goats milk soap without adding the milk to the lye.

Hope that helps,

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