Black Oxide Line

by Lisa

Hi Cathy, As always I just love your site and all your help! You truly have a kind heart!

I make my soap using the room temperature method. I am wanting to up the wow factor in the appearance of one of my bars.

If I have a pigment colored bottom half and a white top half, can I add a very thin line of black oxide pigment to the middle?

Will it "bleed" into the other colors or will it be fine like a mica?

Thank you so much.


You most certainly can put a thin line of black oxide in between the two layers. Just be sure to keep it to a minimum as the black oxide could stain fabrics if you use too much. ie. washcloths, etc.

A thin dusting will give a nice crisp line and since oxides are water dispersible and not soluble, they will not bleed into the other colours of soap.

An easy method I use to add the thin line is to place a small amount of oxide in a fine sieve and tap it over top of the soap. This stops any clumps and distributes the oxide nicely.

I also do this with cocoa powder. It has the same effect only in brown.


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