Air Bubbles in Soap

by Miriam Fields
(Houston, TX)

I have started to use a stick blender to make my soap but I keep getting tiny air bubbles.

I have tried to follow the stick blender instructions to a T but I still have the bubbles.

How do I eliminate them?


Small pockets of air can easily get whipped into your soap using a stick blender.

Begin by placing the stick blender into the soap base at an angle to allow the air to escape as you submerge the end.

Once the end is in the base, try tapping the end on the bottom of the bowl to 'burp' the air out.

Blend in short bursts, keeping the head submerged, and alternate with hand stirring using a whisk or spoon.

Once your soap has reached trace and is as thick as you want it switch to hand stirring to gently mix the soap. This should help to release any leftover air bubbles.

Good luck,

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air bubbles in soap bars
by: vicky

Why not keep the bubble in the soap if the soap go to bottom of your bath with air in it well float so you all way loss it not with air in think about it?

small bubbles in soft soap
by: zainab

I keep getting small bubbles at trace in my soap though I've tried my best to get rid of them. I have read that the air in them is caustic. Is there any chance these bubbles go away during the cure period?


Sadly, the bubbles do not go away.

If you are using a stick blender, try to keep the blender head submerged so that air does not get trapped into the soap.

If you use a whisk, try being less vigorous with your stirring.

As for the trapped air being caustic...I've never heard of that and do not believe it to be true. I've had many batches of soap that I've trapped air in (I tend to be too vigorous with my stirring too) and there has never been any problem other than how it looks.


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Bubbles in Soap Bars

by Jeoff

I have a question for an experienced soap maker like you. I am new to soap making and one of my problems right now is when I am making my soap, there's always tiny bubbles to it during the oil and lye mixture and when I pour it into the mould.

After the soap is unmolded, those tiny bubbles are still present.

How can I eliminate those tiny bubbles to achieve such very nice texture of my soap? Thanks a lot. More Blessings.


The tiny bubbles are a result of mixing air into the soap batter.

To help prevent these bubbles try these techniques.

1. Pour the lye solution over the stick part of the stick blender when adding it to the base oils. This helps stop extra air being drawn into the soap oils.

2. Before turning on the stick blender to mix the soap be sure to tap the end that is in the oils on the bottom of the soaping pot to loosen any trapped air bubbles that are in the blade cup area.

3. Keep the stick blender immersed in the soap batter while mixing so that you do not trap extra air into the soap batter.

4. When using a whisk, stir with strong, even strokes but do not whip the soap batter.


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