Accidentally heated cured soap in oven

by Alina
(Prospect, CT, USA)

I made hot processed soap in the oven at 170 and let it cool overnight.

I forgot it was in the oven and two days later, the oven was turned on to 450 degrees with the soap in it for 15 minutes.

The soap looked like a soft clay when it was taken out of the oven and cooled again. We cut it two days later and are letting it cure.

Will the soap be usable in 4-6 weeks?


Goodness...that's unfortunate! I can imagine the panic when you figured out what that smell was coming from your oven. I would have been a bit on the cranky side and likely used a couple of words not meant for polite company! (Freaking out in short)

As far as the soap being usable after it cures, I don't see why not. The soap will have already saponified before having it's second heating so it won't hurt you but it might not be as nice as it was.

You also shouldn't have to wait that long for the soap to cure as you have hot processed it...more than most in fact! Two or three weeks should be good. Then, if the soap is hard and passes the zap test, it should be fine to use. Otherwise, leave it longer.

The scent of the soap may have been reduced because of the extra heat so it might not smell as nice. Hopefully it doesn't smell like toasted soap!

Due to the extra high heat, you might not get as long of a shelf life out of the soap either. I would keep an eye on it for spoilage and use it as soon as possible.

Would love an update when you do use the soap as to how it lathers, looks, feels and smells after an extra hot cook.

Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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It worked!
by: The soap worked!

I was able to use the soap. The top was a little flaky but it was usable! Thank you for the advice!

Ants eating your soap
by: Cathy

Ants are attracted to sweet substances. Both the honey and the milk are sweet so the ants think they have found something edible.

Try to find a location to store your soap that they can't get into and you may need to deal with the ants nest as they will find something else in your home to nibble on.

Ants eating my soap
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone!
I made a milk and honey soap, using olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil and Shea butter. The batch is almost three weeks old. When turning it over today, I noticed that ants had bored a hole into my soap. What does this signify?

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